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Need a Tow? You Know Who to Call.

Call a dedicated towing service in Plainfield Charter Township, Cedar Springs, Kent City, Sparta, MI and Surrounding Areas when you need a tow

Ryan's Towing, based in Plainfield Charter Township, Rockford, MI and Surrounding Areas, has been getting local folks out of jams for over 15 years. Our team of well-trained towing professionals will respond quickly and handle your vehicle with care. We’re equipped to handle all your light-duty and medium-duty towing needs.

To speak with member of our towing team in Plainview, Rockford, MI and Surrounding Areas, call Ryan's Towing today at 616-863-6062.

What's the difference between light-duty and medium-duty towing?

The towing team at Ryan’s Towing specializes in light-duty and medium-duty towing. Different vehicle types require different equipment and techniques to ensure a trouble-free tow. Here’s some basic information about each towing type:

Light towing:

  • Designed for small vehicles, motorcycles and exotic cars
  • Uses gear that drops lower than regular towing equipment
  •  Safely tows vehicles without damaging them

Medium towing:

  • Designed for larger vehicles, such as RVs
  • Uses a mid-size truck that can be easily maneuvered to fit into tight spaces
  • Medium towing is often cheaper than heavy-duty towing options

To learn more about the towing services we provide in the Plainfield Charter Township, Rockford, Michigan area, call us today at 616-863-6062.